Traditions Around the World

Wedding traditions around the world are as vast as they are interesting. Different cultures celebrate the joining of two families in a myriad of different ways. There are things that bring couples good luck in the marriage and there are others that represent the couples possibilities together.

In Ireland, a shamrock is places in the bouquet for good luck in the marriage. Similarly, Western traditions say that a silver sixpence in the bride’s shoe will bring good fortune and prosperity to the marriage as well. Italians smash a vase at the end of the ceremony and the number of pieces represents the number of happy years together!



England has had an effect on marriage traditions as well! Queen Victoria was the one to popularize the color of white for brides since she loved it so much. British traditions also dictate that female guests wear hats to weddings as well. The recent marriage of Pippa Middleton and the 2011 of Kate showed off this British style to the world.


Germans use a handsaw after the ceremony to cut a log in half to symbolize the couple’s ability to work together and overcome obstacles. Can you imagine doing that on your wedding day? A tradition in Hungary is bride-napping! The bride is kidnapped on the wedding day and the groom has to pay a ransom to get her back.


These are just a few traditions around the world that are used to celebrate weddings. The most important part is that the bride and groom enjoy their day and have a happy start to a wonderful life together. 


Mix or Match in Blush and Burgundy

One of the most popular color combos this year has been blush and burgundy. Why wouldn’t it be so popular: it’s gorgeous! This color palette can be feminine and soft or a louder burst of color based on the tone you choose to pop. You can choose to just mix these colors in your flowers and décor or choose different bridesmaids dresses. This color way can also work for nearly every season!

When choosing different bridesmaids styles or colors, there are a couple rules that will keep your girls looking like they belong in the same wedding! It’s just as hard to have mismatched bridesmaids as it is for everyone to wear the same style. If you have a vision in mind, make sure that you give your girls some guidance so that they can help you achieve your desired look. Either give your girls a color family or an exact shade to follow if they’re picking out their own dresses.

One way to make these colors transition into spring (finally!) is to allow the blush tone to shine through a little bit more. Bringing this hue into your flowers with season appropriate flora is a great way to make this look shine for your spring or summer wedding. Another way to transition this would be brightening the burgundy to a lighter red color. Your colors are still going to flow together since they’re in the same color family, but it’s going to make sure it really follows the character of the season!

You can see why this combination has been so popular this past year! These colors can really transition into any season with simple adjustments. Happy planning everyone.



2nd annual Sparkle like Champagne Event


Abbott's is hosting their 2nd annual Sparkle Like Champagne Event. This night is all about brides finding headpiece accessories to finish their bridal look exclusively for Abbott's Brides. We are offering 10% off of any veil and head piece order and a special discount on our sale items! We cannot wait to assist you with your finishing touches while you enjoy some champagne!

Please let us know by commenting or calling the store by 11/25 if you will be joining us so we can plan accordingly.images

Hot Tips for your Honeymoon


Your honeymoon is going to be one of the best vacations you and your husband will take!  When choosing your location be sure to think about what type of couple you and your husband are.  Are you travel bugs, outdoorsy, or beach bums?  Determining what type of couple you are will ensure that you are getting the most out of your honeymoon.  Travel bugs are best described as exploring different parts of the world, and will most likely visit more than one destination.  The outdoorsy couple may find themselves nestled away in a cozy cabin in the mountains.  If putting your feet in the sand and hearing wave’s crash on the shoreline excites you, then you are best described as our beach bum couple.  Hone in on who you are and do something that will compliment you as a couple!


Let’s face it, times are changing and registries are not what they used to be.  The newest trend that is capturing many newly engaged couples is registering for your honeymoon!  That’s right you can now ask your guests to help you have the honeymoon you have always dreamt of.  If you already have most of your household items and do not want to register for unnecessary gifts then registering for your honeymoon may be the perfect solutions for you.   We recently found a great website to take advantage of, Your possibilities are endless.  You have the opportunity to have your guests contribute towards your overnight stay, flights, excursions, dinner reservations, you name it!  Get ready to spice up your registry by creating a memorable trip of your dreams!


Once you determine your destination make sure you inform yourself about the area.  Figure out the best spots your honeymoon has to offer whether its places to eat, entertainment, spas or excursions.  If you feel comfortable, ask the locals for recommendations since they will most likely have the best insight about the area.  We advise you to do something you wouldn’t normally do while you are there.  Spend a little more money and spoil yourself!  Remember this vacation is your honeymoon and you deserve to have the most amazing time as a newly married couple!  


Re-Wear your dress: Bridesmaid Edition



The famous quote we hear from every bride, “I want to find a dress my bridesmaid can wear again”, and we all know how that typically goes. As a bride it is hard to please the masses. You have your favorite girls, that might I add, love and support you, but typically they are all not the same shape and size. You are lucky if you do find a dress that everyone loves. But here’s the thing... get what you want. Obviously, you’re wedding needs to be picture perfect and we’re sure your bridesmaids want the same. If you happen to find a dress that your ladies LOVE, you will have a huge selling point: that they can wear it again. With the trends nowadays, we’ve seen maids dressed in just about everything. Whether or not it is a dress you let your bridesmaids pick out or if it’s the same dress for everyone, I’m sure there is an event in the future that they could re-wear the dress to. 




Formal events are definitely an easy way to re-wear a bridesmaid dress, except this time around you are able to put your own personal and unique style with the dress. With that being said, simple touches will create a different look and appear like it was the first time you ever put on that dress on.


But if you are anything like me, formal events are not always on my weekend to-do list and if that happens to be the case for you as well, that is okay.  Layering is the best thing you can do to change the look of a dress.  Denim for a low-key day look or leather for a more edgy night look; both add style to the dress.  


As an added bonus: bridesmaid dresses are always able to be altered. A simple hem can drastically change the look of a dress. This allows you to be able to create a fun and flirty everyday look, perfect for date night. If you are up for a little bit of a challenge we’ve seen bridesmaid dresses altered into a romper. Rompers are very trendy and easy to throw on for the day.  They can be easily dressed up or down and who knows maybe you can wear your bridesmaid dress turned romper creation to the next wedding you are going to attend.



As a bridesmaid it is definitely an honor to stand next to the bride on her most important day. The maid’s dresses are a minor detail in the day but this allows you to have a peace of mind that potentially you have the ability to re-wear your dress. And who knows maybe you can place the dress in the front of your closet instead of the back.



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