Gowns & Gold: Fall 2016 trends


2016 wedding season is quickly approaching and we know your calendar is filled with upcoming nuptials. If you are recently engaged the excitement of others committing to one another is giving you all the feels. The hype and shock is finally wearing off (maybe) and it’s time to buckle down and start planning your big day. Luckily for you, the bridal industry is also fast forwarding into the next bridal season. So, grab your iPad and a glass of wine and start dreaming up your perfect day. From two- piece wedding gowns (yes, two pieces) to gold accents: 2016 weddings are more glamorous than ever.

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Some of you may be appalled that we’ve introduced two piece wedding gowns to our inventory, but it’s not want you think. No- we don’t want your midriff showing on your wedding day, but we do want you to have a gown that fits everything that you could have ever dreamed of. And that is exactly what you can’t achieve with a two-piece gown. You can create a custom gown without the extra zeros at the end of your bill. You have the ability to show off your own style a little bit more than you are able to with a traditional gown. Your bridal style can really be defined by the way you pair the separates too. One look can have sophisticated glam and the other could be defined as fun and beachy.  Really, the perks to a two piece gown are endless.


Gold has been a stunning accent color for years now; but never really the main event color. For 2016 & 2017 weddings gold is a must have. Whether or not you incorporate it in your décor or you wedding gown, this beautiful color adds a level of sophistication. Now we know your Pinterest board is filled them; the absolutely amazing gold sequin bridesmaid dresses. These dresses are to die for and use to be practically impossible to find, but thankfully the bridal industry is right on trend and we finally have these stunning dresses in store! You can finally make your inspiration a reality.

Here’s to happy planning & spending the rest of your life with the one you love. 

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