Making your Bridesmaids Beautiful


How exciting is it to have a chance to ask your very best ladies to be in your wedding! Their ongoing love and support makes your wedding day that much more special. You want to make sure your bridesmaids are looking their best and a good ensemble goes a long way. There is always that never ending saying “Don’t outshine the bride”, like that could actually happen. Trust me, even if your bridesmaids do look good, they are not going out outshine you on your wedding day. You want your maids in something that accents your gown and really blends well with your wedding.

Whether you are a romantic bride or a classic bride your maids’ fit is in your hands.  As a bride, you want to make sure you are aware of the body shapes of your maids. If they differ in sizes, you want to pay attention to the bust, waist, and hips of the chosen dress. You want to put your leading ladies in a dress that they will feel comfortable and confident in. I mean they do have to stand next to you, you gorgeous bride. If you think about it this way, your bridesmaids are representing you and your style so make sure that you put them in something that you love. Although it is important for your girls to feel confident, you still want to go with something you’ve envisioned. Remember that this is your big day. If choosing different styles is what you’ve always wanted, go with it! Choosing the right fit for your bridesmaids is extremely important. 

Being the bride, you get to play stylist. Even if you put your maids in a typical chiffon dress, you are able to play around and accessorize the dresses. A big trend right now is doing mix and match bridesmaid dresses. There is definitely a right and wrong way to go about this idea. You want to make sure that you are doing the same hue, if you tell your girls to choose any pink dress there is definitely a chance that one hue would stand out. Most likely, if you don’t give directions there will be something you don’t like which is why it’s always good to have your approval. A good tip is to take them shopping so you can make a fun girls day out of it and be satisfied with the dress they picked out. This way everyone is involved and will feel good about what you ended up picking and will ultimately make for a less stressful planning process for you! (And who wouldn’t want that?)

Bridesmaids Dresses


In the end, your girls should feel great about how they look and most importantly YOU need to love everything about the ensemble of your stunning wedding party! 

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