Re-Wear your dress: Bridesmaid Edition



The famous quote we hear from every bride, “I want to find a dress my bridesmaid can wear again”, and we all know how that typically goes. As a bride it is hard to please the masses. You have your favorite girls, that might I add, love and support you, but typically they are all not the same shape and size. You are lucky if you do find a dress that everyone loves. But here’s the thing... get what you want. Obviously, you’re wedding needs to be picture perfect and we’re sure your bridesmaids want the same. If you happen to find a dress that your ladies LOVE, you will have a huge selling point: that they can wear it again. With the trends nowadays, we’ve seen maids dressed in just about everything. Whether or not it is a dress you let your bridesmaids pick out or if it’s the same dress for everyone, I’m sure there is an event in the future that they could re-wear the dress to. 




Formal events are definitely an easy way to re-wear a bridesmaid dress, except this time around you are able to put your own personal and unique style with the dress. With that being said, simple touches will create a different look and appear like it was the first time you ever put on that dress on.


But if you are anything like me, formal events are not always on my weekend to-do list and if that happens to be the case for you as well, that is okay.  Layering is the best thing you can do to change the look of a dress.  Denim for a low-key day look or leather for a more edgy night look; both add style to the dress.  


As an added bonus: bridesmaid dresses are always able to be altered. A simple hem can drastically change the look of a dress. This allows you to be able to create a fun and flirty everyday look, perfect for date night. If you are up for a little bit of a challenge we’ve seen bridesmaid dresses altered into a romper. Rompers are very trendy and easy to throw on for the day.  They can be easily dressed up or down and who knows maybe you can wear your bridesmaid dress turned romper creation to the next wedding you are going to attend.



As a bridesmaid it is definitely an honor to stand next to the bride on her most important day. The maid’s dresses are a minor detail in the day but this allows you to have a peace of mind that potentially you have the ability to re-wear your dress. And who knows maybe you can place the dress in the front of your closet instead of the back.



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