Making your Bridesmaids Beautiful


How exciting is it to have a chance to ask your very best ladies to be in your wedding! Their ongoing love and support makes your wedding day that much more special. You want to make sure your bridesmaids are looking their best and a good ensemble goes a long way. There is always that never ending saying “Don’t outshine the bride”, like that could actually happen. Trust me, even if your bridesmaids do look good, they are not going out outshine you on your wedding day. You want your maids in something that accents your gown and really blends well with your wedding.

Whether you are a romantic bride or a classic bride your maids’ fit is in your hands.  As a bride, you want to make sure you are aware of the body shapes of your maids. If they differ in sizes, you want to pay attention to the bust, waist, and hips of the chosen dress. You want to put your leading ladies in a dress that they will feel comfortable and confident in. I mean they do have to stand next to you, you gorgeous bride. If you think about it this way, your bridesmaids are representing you and your style so make sure that you put them in something that you love. Although it is important for your girls to feel confident, you still want to go with something you’ve envisioned. Remember that this is your big day. If choosing different styles is what you’ve always wanted, go with it! Choosing the right fit for your bridesmaids is extremely important. 

Being the bride, you get to play stylist. Even if you put your maids in a typical chiffon dress, you are able to play around and accessorize the dresses. A big trend right now is doing mix and match bridesmaid dresses. There is definitely a right and wrong way to go about this idea. You want to make sure that you are doing the same hue, if you tell your girls to choose any pink dress there is definitely a chance that one hue would stand out. Most likely, if you don’t give directions there will be something you don’t like which is why it’s always good to have your approval. A good tip is to take them shopping so you can make a fun girls day out of it and be satisfied with the dress they picked out. This way everyone is involved and will feel good about what you ended up picking and will ultimately make for a less stressful planning process for you! (And who wouldn’t want that?)

Bridesmaids Dresses


In the end, your girls should feel great about how they look and most importantly YOU need to love everything about the ensemble of your stunning wedding party! 

Gowns & Gold: Fall 2016 trends


2016 wedding season is quickly approaching and we know your calendar is filled with upcoming nuptials. If you are recently engaged the excitement of others committing to one another is giving you all the feels. The hype and shock is finally wearing off (maybe) and it’s time to buckle down and start planning your big day. Luckily for you, the bridal industry is also fast forwarding into the next bridal season. So, grab your iPad and a glass of wine and start dreaming up your perfect day. From two- piece wedding gowns (yes, two pieces) to gold accents: 2016 weddings are more glamorous than ever.

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Some of you may be appalled that we’ve introduced two piece wedding gowns to our inventory, but it’s not want you think. No- we don’t want your midriff showing on your wedding day, but we do want you to have a gown that fits everything that you could have ever dreamed of. And that is exactly what you can’t achieve with a two-piece gown. You can create a custom gown without the extra zeros at the end of your bill. You have the ability to show off your own style a little bit more than you are able to with a traditional gown. Your bridal style can really be defined by the way you pair the separates too. One look can have sophisticated glam and the other could be defined as fun and beachy.  Really, the perks to a two piece gown are endless.


Gold has been a stunning accent color for years now; but never really the main event color. For 2016 & 2017 weddings gold is a must have. Whether or not you incorporate it in your décor or you wedding gown, this beautiful color adds a level of sophistication. Now we know your Pinterest board is filled them; the absolutely amazing gold sequin bridesmaid dresses. These dresses are to die for and use to be practically impossible to find, but thankfully the bridal industry is right on trend and we finally have these stunning dresses in store! You can finally make your inspiration a reality.

Here’s to happy planning & spending the rest of your life with the one you love. 

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Advice for your big day


Your wedding day is finally here, all of you’re planning and preparation is unfolding before your eyes.  So much love is surrounding you on this incredible day and all your dreams are finally coming to life. Our best advice to you is to following our three simple steps, the three R’s to a perfect day.  Relax, Remember and Rejoice.





Let’s face it; this day can be extremely stressful and overfilled with emotions. As past brides, we know from experience that everything that may have been planned doesn’t necessarily go as intended.  It is important to remember that your guests won’t remember what centerpieces you had, the flavor of cake you had or the color of your flowers turn out to be. The most important thing is remembering what brought you here on this special day.



We believe that this is one of the most important but most overlooked pieces of your wedding day. Our most important advice is remembered to breathe. Take a few minutes out of your day to just look around... Remember how you felt during that moment; remember the faces that are surrounding you, remember that this is the first day of the rest of your life. Take it all in because this day will flash before your eyes.





BE HAPPY.  This is the most memorable day of your life why not make it the best day ever. You are finally married to the love of your life and in that moment you feel like you have everything you could possibly need in life. 

Serenity & Rose Quart

Pantone has released the 2016 colors of the year! That's right, two colors! When it comes to this combination, obsession is an understatement. The colors just call to you. Serenity is a pale romantic blue, easily complimented by rose quartz which is a soft blush tone. Whether you are planning a wedding, going to prom or know somebody who loves on-trend fashions I would suggest reading closely.


There are not many nights that are more memorable than your prom night. Throughout high school, prom is one of the moments that girls dream about. From the dress to your date, it prepares you for the next chapter in your life. So why not be the best dressed to prom? You’ll want to look back at your pictures and be satisfied with the dress you chose or at least be able to say it was in style back then. As for 2016, let me tell you the colors of the year are definitely in style. Pictured below are complete looks that will wow everybody in the room! 

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As for us in the bridal industry, we couldn’t be more excited about how truly beautiful these colors are. They bring romance to life with their soothing yet elegant hues.  Of course, we’ve been scheming up the perfect wedding that will be on-trend for 2016. Starting with the dress, because it is the most important of all, right ladies? As we all know blush gowns have been making their way to the runways for the past couple of years. And if luck has anything to do with it, this year they will be more glamorous than ever.  If blush doesn’t necessarily compliment your style we have another, perhaps, bolder option for you. For instance some designers offer a serenity-like hue as a color option. How neat would it be for your “something blue” be your wedding gown! If you are more of a traditional bride, ivory and white look breathtaking when paired with serenity and rose quartz.

Happy Planning!




Tall Brides/Bridesmaids


Attention all brides:

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It's your day. The day you find your wedding dress! It's such a wonderful memory that you will have for the rest of your life. However, as we all know not everyone is the same body type. With that being said if you are above average height you know the challenges you face finding the correct length. You want your dress to be perfect! With this being said, brides who are 5'8” and taller must order extra length.


Reasons why:

#1 The majority of all try-on wedding dresses come in a standard length. With this being said, each designer even recommends brides who are taller to order extra length.

#2 Ordering extra length allows you to be able to customize your dress a little bit more. You are able to choose any heel height you would like and feel comfortable wearing. What a tragedy it would be if you found the perfect shoe and it can't be yours just because your wedding dress will be too short.

#3 LESS WORRY! Why have that extra stress with worrying about something that can be controlled.

#4 In the end, it will save you money. If your dress is too short, you will have to have the extra expense of purchasing extra material to make your gown the correct length.


For your lovely ladies this is extremely important too. The same rule goes, bridesmaids who are 5'8” and taller must order extra length. As a bride, you want your girls to look good and have proper fitting dresses. They should want to feel confident as well! Obviously, along with you they also have to walk down the aisle.


Now that you have ordered your dress in the correct length; its time for alterations. Most wedding dresses will need some work done to them especially a hem. You want to make sure you bring your wedding shoes with you. You want to make sure that your hem is correctly measured to your height. This will allow you to enjoy your experience and really have fun with your dress.  

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