Beachy Bridal Style Guide

   Destination wedding

Sun, sand, water, the breezy ocean air: what more could a bride ask for? Whether or not you are planning a destination wedding or leaving for a tropical destination after you say “I do”, we have the perfect style guide for you.

 willowby by watters

Knowing the climate in the tropics, you’ll definitely want to dream of a gown that is light and airy. The majority of bridal boutiques will designate a section just for beach brides, creating a shopping atmosphere that is fun and enticing. Fabrications such as chiffon, tulle, organza, or a light weighted lace are perfect for your beachy bridal look. Any of these options would be ideal for the simpler bride or even the bride that still wants a more traditional bridal look. You can customize these styles with accessories such as a bridal belt, which will add the perfect touch of sparkle to the dress of your dreams!

beach, destination wedding

The color white is a must have for your bridal attire. Typically, the bride will wear white on her wedding day as well as the events leading up to the big day. How fun would it be to incorporate white into your long awaited honeymoon as well? Becoming a bride is once in a life time, you might as well live it up. Continue the celebration on your honeymoon by adding white to your suitcase. There are so many different options that tell everyone around you that you are the bride. A white swim suit is definitely a necessity, and the styles that are out right now are to die for. This is another fun way to long live your bridal status. Even long after the wedding, these suits are easily just as fashionable for any other beach getaway in the future. Let the beach festivities begin!



  Re-wear your Dress: Mom Edition


mother of the bride dress









When shopping for a special occasion dress in particular for your son or daughter’s wedding, the question “Can I wear this again?” typically comes up. With our expertise regardless of the style, we say yes! There are opportunities to re-wear that formal gown that you bought for only one (but very important!) day.

Color is one thing to consider when initially shopping for your dress. Will you wear neutral or jewel tones? Or is the bride looking for you to wear a more specific color like periwinkle or blush? Either way, there are options to re-wear your dress! If you go with more of a neutral or darker jewel tone you are more likely to be able to wear it again as a guest to another wedding, or an event or even a night out. The brighter or more specific colors would be great to wear on a cruise or take with you on vacation. Of course, depending on the event or wedding some colors may be just as appropriate!

If the dress you bought for your son/daughter’s wedding is formal and floor length, then most of the time these dresses are able to be hemmed knee length. This gives you plenty of options to re-wear! You could wear it again for an anniversary dinner, your other child’s rehearsal dinner, or even any of the options listed above. Altering a dress can give it a more casual feel, making it easier to wear again.

We carry many designers that specialize in two or three piece ensembles; this makes it easy to re-wear! You can pair the tops with different skirts or pants for any special occasion. The jackets are also great to dress up with a pair of denim jeans; going from work to an evening out easily! If you bought a three piece ensemble, the skirts are easy to wear with a solid blouse. Take off the jacket and add strappy heels for a fun look.

Always keep an open mind while shopping for your next event. You will be surprised in how versatile some dresses can be. We’re excited for you to come in and shop for your next event!


re-use dressmother of the groom dress


Hair and Makeup


Every bride pictures herself beautiful on her big day. From the perfect dress, all the way up to the perfect hair style. The biggest part of your bridal look (besides the dress!) is your hair and makeup. It is important to bring out your personality in your look. Are you glamorous, traditional, or relaxed? Your bridal makeup and hair is your chance to look your very best, but you also want to make sure you look like you!

makeup blog2

                If you wear thick eyeliner or a bold lip every day, you probably consider your makeup personality to be glamorous. This is your signature style and it looks good on you! Why steer from it on your wedding day? Chances are your bridal gown is grand and dramatic so your glamorous hair and makeup will be perfect. When we think about glam-hair we think big, voluminous curls adorned with a sparkling hair piece. Dramatic and gorgeous!

makeup blog3

                A traditional bride has more of a classic style. Chic, clean up-do’s and simplistic makeup are trademarks of this signature style. Traditional brides like their wedding to be clean and crisp, simple yet elegant, and the same goes for their look on the big day. An up-do is a perfect way to round out your traditional look, complete with a veil and tiara. Natural makeup will finish your traditional look, keeping it easy and beautiful.

makeup blog7

                Outdoor weddings are becoming one of the hottest trends. Rustic barns, destination beaches, or a backyard tent soiree, this bride is a little more relaxed and care-free. Flower crowns are widely popular with these types of events taking the place of a traditional veil. Hair styles are whimsical incorporating soft loose curls or braids. Boho and rustic brides also tend to keep their makeup more natural adding hints of bright pinks, or a rich lip color for a polished look.

makeup blog8

                When thinking about your style and how you want to look on your big day, there are a few aspects to keep in mind. Is your venue more upscale and formal? Or is it more laid back and fun? Outdoor or indoor? When picking your venue it will help jumpstart the rest of your planning decisions; from the fashion to the event style. When focusing in on your bridal style, it is imperative to go for a hair and makeup trial a few months before the wedding. This will give you and your stylist a chance to perfect exactly how you want to look when you walk down the aisle to prevent any missteps the day of. There is an abundance of time that goes into planning your nuptials but when it comes to your bridal style, we say stay true to yourself and let your beauty shine!

makeup blog6

Online Counterfeits

abbotts bridal


Let’s face it, everyone loves a good deal! However, when it comes to purchasing an important piece like a wedding gown, mother of the bride or groom dress, prom or homecoming dress and so on, the cheapest isn’t always the best. Designers sold at specialty dress shops are only available through authorized retailers, like us! The designers operate this way so the customer knows they are getting a quality piece that is authentic. These are big events in your life and you want to make sure it is perfect!


knock off dress


Designers implement what is called an “MSRP”, Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Specialty dress shops are to abide by these guidelines when pricing their inventory. If a store dips below that MSRP, they are at risk for having that designer pulled completely from their shop. Keep in mind, you are shopping for a designer gown, these are the real deal and do tend to run more pricey than department stores or at your local mall.


abbotts bridal


There is a lot of controversy out there about counterfeit dresses coming out of China. You can find multiple websites on the internet with the actual pictures from the Designers websites, priced 50% lower than what a dress shop may have it at. This is not a deal! This is a scam! Like previously stated, Designers do not sell online. Companies like Maggie Sottero and Mon Cheri have a designated section on their websites about purchasing their product online. We have seen it so many times where someone will purchase something on a knock off website and receive a product that is nothing like what it was described or pictured or even worse, not receive it at all. Why would you compromise this important garment just for a cheaper deal? In the end, you get what you pay for.


Counterfeit Dress  Knock off dress


Here at Abbott’s, our prices are fair and our service to you is outstanding. Our prices include the cost of shipping, as well as a complimentary pressing and steaming before your garment is picked up. All of our gowns are hand inspected upon arrival for any faults the manufacturer may have missed, which is a step some stores neglect. We care about the designer product you are purchasing, and want it to be worth every penny you spend on it. Our consultants are there for you every bit of way to make sure you have a phenomenal experience, something you do not get from just ordering online. It is our passion, here at Abbott’s, to give you the kind of experience that you deserve. Don't let these horror stories become a reality for you because we would love to work with you and be a part of your special day!

Making your Bridesmaids Beautiful


How exciting is it to have a chance to ask your very best ladies to be in your wedding! Their ongoing love and support makes your wedding day that much more special. You want to make sure your bridesmaids are looking their best and a good ensemble goes a long way. There is always that never ending saying “Don’t outshine the bride”, like that could actually happen. Trust me, even if your bridesmaids do look good, they are not going out outshine you on your wedding day. You want your maids in something that accents your gown and really blends well with your wedding.

Whether you are a romantic bride or a classic bride your maids’ fit is in your hands.  As a bride, you want to make sure you are aware of the body shapes of your maids. If they differ in sizes, you want to pay attention to the bust, waist, and hips of the chosen dress. You want to put your leading ladies in a dress that they will feel comfortable and confident in. I mean they do have to stand next to you, you gorgeous bride. If you think about it this way, your bridesmaids are representing you and your style so make sure that you put them in something that you love. Although it is important for your girls to feel confident, you still want to go with something you’ve envisioned. Remember that this is your big day. If choosing different styles is what you’ve always wanted, go with it! Choosing the right fit for your bridesmaids is extremely important. 

Being the bride, you get to play stylist. Even if you put your maids in a typical chiffon dress, you are able to play around and accessorize the dresses. A big trend right now is doing mix and match bridesmaid dresses. There is definitely a right and wrong way to go about this idea. You want to make sure that you are doing the same hue, if you tell your girls to choose any pink dress there is definitely a chance that one hue would stand out. Most likely, if you don’t give directions there will be something you don’t like which is why it’s always good to have your approval. A good tip is to take them shopping so you can make a fun girls day out of it and be satisfied with the dress they picked out. This way everyone is involved and will feel good about what you ended up picking and will ultimately make for a less stressful planning process for you! (And who wouldn’t want that?)

Bridesmaids Dresses


In the end, your girls should feel great about how they look and most importantly YOU need to love everything about the ensemble of your stunning wedding party! 

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